Friday, September 16, 2011

Boo! Fancy Nancy and the Haunted Mansion by Jane O'Connor

Nancy is eagerly anticipating Halloween (That means she can hardly wait!) She and Bree are going to create a haunted mansion. (Mansion is fancy for a huge house.)

Use your stickers to help Nancy and Bree tell the neighborhood kids where to go.

What's more fun than going through a haunted house? How about helping Nancy Clancy and best buddy Bree create one?

Now fashionista fans of Nancy, empowered by a detailed double-page spread of reusable stickers inside the book, can help turn the Clancy house and grounds into a graveyard and haunted mansion by putting the finishing touches on the scary scene with the variety of stickers. While Mr. Clancy does his dad-ly duty removing the innards of the pumpkins, Nancy and her friends get to turn them into Jack-o'-Lanterns, either the traditional carved grin and scowl or other facial features such as glasses and mustaches if they want to get a bit innovative. There are black cats and bats, gravestones and ghosts, skeletons and spiders to place at will for atmosphere, and lots of costumes, headdresses, Halloween cupcakes, and bags of Kandy Korn to spread around for the guests.

Assisted by the illustrations of Carolyn Bracken and the inspiration of Robin Preiss Glasser's sparkly cover, O'Connor gives readers the chance to help Nancy put up signs, shop for party ware, decorate for her awesome affaire, and to dress Nancy in the costume of choice--extra posh or super scary! In Fancy Nancy's Haunted Mansion: A Reusable Sticker Book for Halloween (Harper, 2011), there are skoodoodles of fancy fun and a chance for a run-through for those Halloween hostesses who want to follow in Nancy Clancy's footsteps for their own posh bash.

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  • Putting stickers inside a children's book makes it more sellable. Kids are fond of stickers and other toys.

    By Anonymous childrens clothing, at 7:55 AM  

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