Saturday, May 28, 2016

Time-Travelling T. Rex: Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack by Aurelius Franco

Mike Evans is happy. Off on a expedition in Montana with his paleontologist dad, he draws on the special dino-hoodie that Dad gave him and decides to leave the dig, where Dad is tediously cleaning a huge bone with a small brush, and set out to make some discoveries of his own.

He doesn't get too far before he meets up with another kid, a red-headed girl with some mega-cool climbing hooks who claims to be tracking something but won't say what.


"There it is again!"

Shannon shouts. "RUN!"

"Why?" asks Mike.

Answering his question, a giant T-Rex charged out of the forest toward them.


Luckily for Mike, Shannon seems to have a variety of amazingly high-tech devices to capture a T. Rex and contain the dinosaur. But where did the dinosaur come from and why is Shannon capturing this one in a large, transparent chamber she called a Trapasaurus? Mike decides to call the dino Sam, and he has a few questions for the determined red-haired girl. Suddenly, he gets itl.

"You're from another time, aren't you?" asked Mike.

But before Shannon can answer, Mike hears a now familiar sound.


The T-Rex has been set free by a shaggy-haired teenaged boy with a laser saw. It seems Shannon is not surprised nor glad to see Jurassic Jeff in her territory.
"I had to make sure that the T. Rex I brought here got a chance to stay here." he explains.

A simple walk takes Dino-Mike into an adventure with two kids from another time in Aurelius Franco's Dino-Mike and the T. Rex Attack (Stone Arch Books, 2015). Mike learns that Jurassic Jeff is determined to save the dinosaurs by introducing them into more favorable times and climates, and Shannon is determined to capture and take them back to her own time for scientific study. Both worthy goals, but apparently at odds with each other, as Mike discovers both of the time-travelers disappear, and so is Sam the T. Rex.

Sadly Mike makes his way back camp, wondering how to explain his strange adventure to his dad, when he almost stumbles over a pile of some round things that look like giant eggs.
"What have you got there, son?" Dad says."I'm not sure," said Mike. "I think they're eggs."

Dad's eyes grew twice their normal size."You found dinosaur eggs!

Just then Mike gets a text message from Samantha, back in her own time, with some information that explains what he just found.
"Sam the T. Rex made the trip home in great condition. FYI: Sam is actually Samantha! How funny is that?"

With time travelers from two different civilizations, there are plenty of dinosaur adventures ahead for Dino-Mike in the fast-paced Dino-Mike series, beginning chapter books with places to go and people (and dinosaurs) to see.

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