Friday, March 20, 2020

Choices, Choices: The Perfect Seat by Minh Le and Gus Gordon

As they emerge from Claire's Books, Little Moose begs Dad to read his new book right now--that is, when they find...

"The Perfect Seat."

They stroll along the sidewalk, past the doorman in front of the apartment building and into the local coffee shop. But their fancy high-back sofa is...
Too Big.

Among other problems, the fire hydrant is way too small for both of them.

A cast-off side chair in the alley is too old, and the swoopy, artsy chair in the store window is too, er, moderne. The child's seat on the back of the bike is a bit bouncy, and the top of the sliding board in the park is definitely...
Too Slippery!

The bus stop and taxi stand bench is a bit too public. And in the park, the squirrel's branch is too high, and the monument is too fancy-smancy. And when Dad gets tired and sits down heavily on the wall of the bridge, he falls off, book and all, and finds himself seated in the creek with the ducks. Dad's definitely feeling down about the whole outing as he takes a damp seat under a tree.
"Oh, I give up."

But the best seat of all is still available, as Dad's boy finds his lap, a little damp but still ready for a read, in Minh Le's The Perfect Seat (Disney Hyperion, 2019). Illustrated with great humor by Gus Gordon, his good-natured black line illustrations tell the story visually, punctuated by author Le's punchy text. Perfect for non-readers, and beginning readers as well, and satisfying for parents whose youngsters are sometimes a bit picky in their choices.

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