Thursday, March 05, 2020

Where There's a Will.... : Tallulah Plays the Tuba by Tiffany Stone

Tallulah wants to play the tuba,

More than anything.

Tallulah has lots of the right stuff. She already reads music. Her muscles are mighty, and her lungs are likewise.
But Tallulah is tiny.

Band director Mr. Greenwood thinks Tallulah is not exactly up to the tuba.

He suggests the piccolo. But Tallulah is less than pleased with its pipsqueak-y "thweet thweet."

But because Tallulah is small doesn't mean she can't think BIG. She refuses to abandon her dream of mighty OOM PAHS! She tries everything to be able to reach the mouthpiece. She tries to grow taller by downing steaks and stretching her arms and legs on the monkey bars, but still she's no bigger. She tries standing on a chair in music class and then standing on a chair AND all the music books in the band room. Band director Mr. Greenwood is impressed with her zeal, but says...
"We need those!

Her bandmates try to help by making her the top of their human pyramid.
But... now there is nobody left to be in the band.

But where there's a will, there's a way, and if Tallulah can't get up high enough for the tuba, perhaps she can bring the tuba down to her size, in Tiffany Stone's charming tale of the little tuba player who could, Tallulah Plays the Tuba (Annick Press, 2019). Stone's story joins many children's stories of the small character who doesn't let size stand in the way, with the additional suggestion that creativity and talent can triumph. Artist Sandy Nichols comes up with comical cartoons somewhat in the style of Hardy Gramatsky's classic little character, Little Toot that will bring chuckles from small kids who like to dream big. With a strong plug for band instruments and a clever and doughty heroine, this one will be a preschool and primary reader pleaser.

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