Tuesday, March 03, 2020

In a Winning Mood! Judy Moody: Book Quiz Whiz by Megan McDonald

Judy Moody is in a winning mood!

She, Judy Moody, was a book quiz whiz. A book wizard. A quizzard!

And for once, her pesky little brother Stink is on the same page with Judy!

Judy and Stink are two-fifths of the Grades 2-3 Virginia Dare School Book Quiz team, the Bookworms, along with three other super readers preparing for the First Ever Book Quiz Blowout. And they are totally psyched for the big competition.

Judy reads Pippi Longstocking hanging upside down, just like Pippi. Stink wears a cape stuck full of sticky notes to help him remember key facts. They read constantly and quiz each other with trivia questions about the books they've read. Mr. and Mrs. Moody draw the line against reading at dinner, but their parents read aloud with them after dinner. They try out speed reading--with mixed results. Judy and Stink love the idea of winning the trophy for their school. They only have one fear, the bete noir of the overstuffed mind...

And then they learn that their opponents, Braintree Academy's Bloodsucking Fake-Mustache Defenders, have a secret weapon, a fourth-grader who is still nine years old--whose intimidating name, is Mighty Fantaskey!
"They say she's read fifth-grade books like Harry Potter 5. She didn't just carry it around to look cool."

Will Stink remember that it's not Mr. Monticello's Library, it's Mr. Lemoncello's Library?

Will Judy defeat brain freeze and recall all of Pippi Longstocking's names, in order?

All early chapter book readers are the winners in Megan McDonald's latest entry in her much-loved, long-running series, Judy Moody, Book Quiz Whiz (Candlewick Press, 2019). With Peter H. Reynolds' familiar funny illustrations sprinkled liberally throughout, author McDonald's fifteenth Judy Moody tale will have kids laughing all the way, while slipping in quite a plug with piquant story references for many other beloved books for young readers. McDonald also provides an appendix of the books referenced in the plot and a chapter-by-chapter list of the varied books referenced, from Stuart Little to Trombone Shorty!

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