Monday, February 16, 2009

Witty Committee 1, Pretty Committee 0: P.S.: I Loathe You: The Clique #10 by Lisi Harrison

The wheels in Massie's head spun like a Ferrari's. I ended the boyfast... Now everyone is allowed to have a crush... and everyone does.... Well, nawt everyone. Poor Dylan is more boyless than Lindsay Lohan on date night, but...Ehmagawd... Got it!

Massie's dark eyebrows shot up. Her amber eyes widened. Her glossy lips parted. C-minus. Crush minus! "Without crush, right?"

"Given," Alicia nodded. "I knew you'd get it!"

The BoyFast is over, by Massie's imperial decree, and the Pretty Committee is free to date at BOCD. There is only one bit of the ubiquitous campus pigeon poo to cloud Massie Brock's perfect brow--she's broken up with Derrington, but she's not quite nailed Dempsey, former LBR (Loser Beyond Repair) who has returned from summer break buff and hawt! Alicia, perpetual rival for alpha female, has her Josh, Kuh-laire definitely has Cam, Kristen has Dune (whenever he returns from his South Pacific photo shoot), and that only leaves Dylan date-less.

But there is a problem plot afoot in paradise. Derrington (a.k.a. Derrick Harrington) is strangely attracted to the red-headed rebel of the clique, but since Massie won't release her claim on him until she is sure that Dempsey is firmly in the fold, for now Dylan and Derrick must be clandestine crushes, swinging time together only by managing to draw duo detentions every afternoon that they can.

And then there's Kristen's dilemma. Sure, Dune is a certified hawt surfer-type dude, but he's still away, so she's temporarily C minus, too. But the biggest problem is that her secret best friend outside the clique, #1 LBR Layne Abeley, has a big crush on the darling Dempsey, Massie's intended. Through their joint membership in the alt-clique, the intellectual and arty Witty Committee, Layne has secretly sworn Kristen to help her land Dempsey as her boyfriend. But Kristen is already sworn to do the same for Massie. And--Ehmagawd!--Dempsey himself seems to have a crush on her, and Kristen can't contain that tingle when he's around either.

It's never easy being alpha, but this time Massie has a mutiny on her hands when the Committee begins to choose their bliss over their BFF oath to the clique. Claire is always giggle-texting Cam; Alicia is leading a rump cheerleading/dance team loaded with LBRs in obvious opposition to Massie's Socc-Hers squad; Kristen is covertly flirting with Dempsey; and as for Dylan--well, Derrington seems to dig her burp-jokes in a big way. The members of the clique are all acting as if they are the mistresses of their own fates! Ehmagawd.

Is there a way to re-form the clique, or will Massie be forced to form a new Pretty Committee in their place?

That's the closing crisis in Lisi Harrison's just published The Clique #10: P.S. I Loathe You (Clique Series), which will keep her antsy fans in a state of anticipation until book #11 rolls off the presses later this year.

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