Sunday, May 17, 2009

Perfect Pairing: We Go Together by Todd Dunn

We go together like socks and shoes.

We go together like cows and moos.

We go together like horse and wagon.

We go together like fire and dragon.

Four friends frolic through the pages as they tally up the ways they fit together like hand in glove. On one page they show off their diverse hats, as the rhyming text says "We go together like hat and head," while the next page shows one pajama'd boy and his wary cat as he chants, "We go together like pillow and bed." The next page shows smiling clowns performing in the ring to the caption "We go together like circus and clown," while the following page shows a sad boy and his sympathetic dog with a "We go together like sad and frown."

Simple and satisfying, Todd Dunn's easy pairings and bouncing rhymes will lend themselves to practice in several areas of reading readiness, such as recognizing and predicting rhyming words or matching related concepts such as "leaves" and "fall" paired with "giraffe" and "tall." Teachers and parents will find it easy to lead children into creating their own pairs of related words and rhyming couplets as a natural extension of this book. Miki Sakamoto's cheery cartoon-style illustrations add a touch of humor, as when we see a skunk relaxing in a bubble bath with his favorite book and rubber ducky to the tune of "We go together like stripes and skunk."

We Go Together! is a great book for listening preschoolers and with its basic sight vocabulary also lends itself well to early readers.



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