Sunday, June 07, 2009

Everyone Gets into the Act! Baby Face: A Book of Love for Baby by Cynthia Rylant and Diane Goode

Mothers deserve all the credit they get any time of year, but when babies arrive, fathers and everyone else in the family get in on the act, and Newbery author Cynthia Rylant puts them all to work in her new book of rhymes for baby, Baby Face: A Book of Love for Baby

A tiny nose,
A tiny mouth,
A tiny pair of ears.
Two big eyes,
A bit of hair,
A little bit of tears.

Smile for me, sweet baby face,
Make the whole world shine.
Let me see your baby face,
Tell me you are mine.

After mom coaxes a smile from baby, it's time for the rest of the family to take over. Dad eases the little one into his first pair of real shoes, and tells what happens next in "Baby Steps."

A nice white shoe,
All tied up tight.
Another shoe
Is tied just right.

Time to try it,
Time to see,
If baby wants
To walk with me.

I'll hold your hands,
I'll hold on tight.
Take a step
And then take two.
Look and see
What you can do!

Grandmom takes over to do the honors in "Baby Shampoo," and Big Brother describes what happens when "Baby Teeth" start to appear.

After a big day, it's time for baby (and family) to rest, and Mom takes over again for "Baby Bed."

Sleepy eyes
And sleepy head,
Baby needs
A baby bed.

First some milk
and then some rocking.
I'll sing
Instead of talking. . . .

Sleep my sweetheart,
Sleep my dear.
Sleep and sleep.
I'll be right here.

Diane Goode's soft watercolors tell the story along with the award-winner Rylant's rhyming verse as six different babies do it all in this joyful memoir of baby days by two real picture book pros.

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