Thursday, June 18, 2009

One For Grandfathers: Me with You by Kristy Dempsey

When I am me, I am swinging
Over puddles from a rope.
And you stand ready with a sponge
And bucket full of soap.

When I am me and sick in bed,
All feverish with flu,
So you stay close to care for me,
And watch the whole night through.

Christy Dempsey's Me With You (Philomel, 2009) shows a spunky and independent little girl bear, dressed in crisp pastel dresses, sharing time with her big and doting grandad. Grandad is a real bear of a grandfather, in his baggy khaki pants and red suspenders, and he and his little granddaughter are obviously the best of friends. In their own way, the two share tea parties and fishing expeditions, wrap Christmas presents and trim the tree together, and even though things aren't always perfect, Grandad Bear is always there.

Whenever I am not so nice,
And selfish with my stuff,
You're the one who loves me
And forgives me if I'm gruff.

Me With Youis a tribute to the role grandfathers can play with the very young, and Dempsey and illustrator Christopher Denise manage to show the deep affection in this genuinely touching relationship. A great book for fathers and grandfathers as well as grandchildren, good for Father's Day and for Grandparents' Day as well.

And though I'll find new ways
Of being me my whole life through,
My favorite me will always be...
When I am me with you.

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