Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whose Unicorn Is It? Goldilicious by Victoria Kann

"I'm getting Goldie ready for the Unicorn Ball," I said.

"What unicorn? I don't see any unicorn," said Peter.

"She's right here and she's not any unicorn; she's my unicorn. Her name is Goldicious--Goldie."

But before Peter can launch into his logical argument against the reality of unicorns, Pinkalicious suddenly turns to Goldie and begins to scold:

"Oh, Goldie, you should do THAT on the floor! You know better. Just neigh if you need to go outside. I'm sorry, Peter, but you are stepping right in it." I said.

Little brother Peter may profess not to believe in unicorns, but he can't help sneaking a disgusted look at the bottom of his shoes as big sister Pinkalicious sweeps proudly by, leading her private unicorn Goldie outside.

It's a bit of sibling one-up-manship, and Peter is determined to best his sister's pink-tastic mythical friend. Peter bravely ascends into Goldie's tree house redoubt, and as the powerful Wandering Wizard, declares that he will kidnap her and hold her prisoner in his own castle. And with that, Peter is himself hooked by Pinkie's fantasy, and the two soon are deep in their roles in one fanciful unicorn adventure after another--from swashbuckling buccaneers to sailing through the darkling sky on unicornback.

"Wow! Not only can she float on water. She can float in the air. Goldie is flying!" said Peter.

It's a great playtime--all in the golden afternoon--for both Pinkalicious and, as it turns out, for her naysaying but imaginative little brother as well, one that lasts until it's almost time for bed.

Goldilicious (Harper, 2009) is the sequel to Victoria Kann's best-selling Pinkalicious and Purplicious. Fans of that other glitter girl, Fancy Nancy will also find Pinkie's latest story a fine ride on a pink-tastic steed.

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