Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beddy-Bye Buddy: Kiki's Blankie by Janie Bynum

Kiki adores her polka-dot blankie.

She never goes anywhere without it.

Kiki is an adorable and determined little monkey who is 100% blankie bound. Not that she simply drags it around like Linus, sucking her thumb, totally zoned out. Not this girl! Kiki is a very active and imaginative blankie buff. Her blankie becomes a backyard tent, a tablecloth, and a nifty napkin. The complete source of her couture, Kiki nixes the nice frocks her mom proffers, and artfully fashions her outfits out of the polka-dot fabric.

But practical purposes are just the beginning of Kiki's creative use of her blankie. When she's a cowgirl outlaw, it becomes her neckerchief mask. When she's a pirate, it becomes her headdress, and when she's a sailor, it's the sail for her round tub ship. And when Kiki is a superhero, of course, it is her cape!

But when a wayward wind snatches her blankie away and sends it flapping onto a high tree branch, Kiki runs into a snag as well. Resting malevolently beneath the tree where the beloved blankie is marooned is a toothy crocodile!

Not to worry! Our girl is nothing if not resourceful. Her fertile imagination comes up with several clever ruses--disguising herself as a ghost, flying over the tree to snatch the blankie--but then she realizes that to do those things, she has to have her special blankie.

But then, Kiki's imagination calls up the image of the croc chowing down on her beloved blankie, and she sees that it is up to her to save her blankie. Climbing a nearby bamboo stalk to the tippy-top, Kiki leans way out, bending the top down, down, down, until she can just reach the blankie still flapping in the breeze.

Back home, both Kiki and her blankie need a bath. But bedtime can't come until the blankie is dry, so Kiki falls asleep waiting patiently in front of the dryer for her blankie to emerge. After all,

She never goes anywhere without her blankie.

Even in her dreams.

Janie Bynum's charming little character, front and center in bold colors against a bright white background, makes her brand-new Kiki's Blankie (Sterling, 2009) a sure-fire bedtime treat for preschoolers who know what a favorite blanket can do!



  • I am definately going out and getting this cute book. My daughter will absolutely love it. Can I recommend you trying one out? it's called The Undercover Kids' Holland adventure, The Trunk in the Attic. It's a great mystery book that kids would love. I liked it because it teaches your kids about traveling, and imagination, and solving problems. You should check it out and maybe blog about it.

    By Blogger Venessa, at 9:59 AM  

  • Wow! I love books like these that really showcase the amazing depth of the imagination. On the topic of imagination, one of our faves (me and my 2 kids) is "Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy" -

    By Blogger Children's books fan, at 1:49 PM  

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