Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa--Claws and Paws: Santa Paws by Rachel Hale

Puppies chase kittens;
Kittens chase mice.
Have you been naughty
Or have you been nice?

Adorable puppies in Santa Claus hats, tuxedo kittens on the keys topped with toboggans, a disgruntled white Persian in full St. Nick regalia. Trite--YES! Cute--But of course!

In her little board book, Santa Paws (Paw Pals) (Dissero, 2008), photographer Rachel Hale knows how to tantalize the tickle boxes of the very young, with her charming young dogs and cats, decked out in wintry red and green scarves, shown against holiday red and green squares, engaged in jolly holiday fun or peering out a frosty window, hoping for a glimpse of the real thing--St. Nick and his reindeer.

Now let's raise a toast
Of holiday cheer.
Here's to a merry Christmas,
And a furry new year.

Inexpensive and sturdy, Santa Paws (Paw Pals) makes a great waiting-for-Santa gift or stocking stuffer for the very young, especially those with kittens or puppies of their own to share the season with.

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