Sunday, March 07, 2010

Swoopity Swoop! Bear Flies High by Michael Rosen

"I'm a bear on a beach.

On a beach? On a beach.

And I sing by the sea all day."

Bear's life by the sea is idyllic, all right, but even singing by the sea gets a bit pedestrian after a while. To his four little human playmates, Bear confesses a secret desire to fly like the sea birds who soar "swoopy swoop" over the sands. Bear's plaint falls upon the ears of the empathetic children who come to dance with him on the beach and they come up with a plan:

"If you want to fly, Mr. Bear, follow us!"

"Follow you?"

"Follow us. Follow us to places far away."

And it's off to the local amusement park and into the very back seat of the roller coaster, where Bear's spirits are lifted into an emotional high that feels just like flying. Standing up and whooping with joy, big Mr. Bear gets the total roller coaster experience:

"Scary Scaredy Scare!
I'm a bear who can fly!"

With its rhythmical call-and-response text, Michael Rosen's latest bear tale, Bear Flies High (Bloomsbury, 2009) celebrates the joy of movement, with Mr. Bear and four young friends dancing and soaring through the thrill of an amusement park ride. Rosen, the creator of the wonderful old stand-by audience participation story We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Classic Board Books), is also the author of the recent Mr. Bear excursion, Bear's Day Out.

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