Saturday, February 11, 2012

(Die)-Cut to the Chase: Where Does Love Come From? illustrated by Milena Kirkova

IT COMES FROM YOUR HEART! is the ultimate answer in Accord Publishing's diecut board book Where Does Love Come From? (Accord, 2011), which along the way allows for other engaging questions to be asked, if not answered.

Little fingers can locate and follow the cut-out hearts which lead to "answers," and offer the next little love teaser, queries such as whether love blooms in gardens, washes up on the waves, or blows upon the breeze.

A good choice as a lap book which reinforces recognition of the heart shape and colors displayed through cutouts on each page, as well as many other vocabulary-reinforcing images, this one offers tactile exploration as each page presents a new cut-out which leads to the question on the following page in sequence.

All these hearts, of course, lead back to the main question posed in the title. This book doesn't exactly answer its question (one probed by poets, philosophers, and recently physiologists alike) but it does provide some heart-y fun for youngsters along the way.

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