Friday, December 23, 2016

Oppositional? Peanut Butter's Tasty Opposites by Terry Border

What's NEAT? A baked potato! What's MESSY? A baked potato sitting on a squished frosted cupcake!

What's QUIET? A French fry reading a book.

What's NOISY? A can of baked beans blowing a trombone!

What's COLD? An ice cream cone, of course. But what's HOT? A bowl of alphabet soup.

If a crisp pretzel is HARD, what is SOFT?  A melty chocolate bar, of course.

These things are obviously OPPOSITES!

But what's UP and DOWN at the same time?

Ah! Easy Peas-y! A seesaw with a peanut person UP and a toast-and-jelly person down.

But is a peanut butter sandwich the opposite of a jelly sandwich? If not, what are they?

Terry Border's new board book for preschoolers, Peanut Butter's Tasty Opposites, takes on the nebulous subject of opposites, a non-concrete concept, in which the differences are, well, all relative. Author-illustrator Border pulls out his peanut people, first seen in his 2014 picture book, Peanut Butter and Cupcake in a second concept book for preschoolers that takes on the idea of ways things can be opposites. Border's artistic style is a truly tongue-in-cheek, with all tastebuds engaged, in his photographically-rendered Peanut, Jelly Sandwich, Cupcake, and French Fries with little twisted metal legs, demonstrating the concepts in his companion board book to Peanut Butter's Yummy Numbers: Ten Little Peanuts Jumping on the Bread!

Other foody, funny, and punny books by Terry Board are Happy Birthday, Cupcake! and his back-to-school hit, Milk Goes to School.

Are you reading this, Terry Border? How about taking it up a notch and letting your food group take on the grammatical category of Positives, Comparitives, and Superlatives--as in loud, louder, loudist or peanutty, peanuttier, and peanuty-ist!

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