Monday, September 11, 2017

B-Napped? Did You Take the B from My _ook by Beck and Matt Stanton

THIS _OOK IS _ROUGHT TO YOU _Y THE LETTER _. That is, if we can find it.

The letter B can make sounds. Can you say bubububub?


Yes, it is a bit cold in here! Aaaaaaa-CHOO......!

Now where were we? Oh, yes! Where's my _ed?

The Letter B has been _lown away! And it's really cramping the writer's style! He tries to go on, telling us he has what is indu_ita_ly the _est of _eds!

He's also fond of _ulls. Small _ulls. _ig _ulls!

Oh, dear! Something is amiss here. Can he kick his _all? Apparently NOT!

I think my favorite letter has gone from this _ook!

_unches and _unches of perfectly good words are inuttera_le! This is really _AD! No ham_urgers and fries! No _ase_all games! No _irthday _alloons!

It's time to call on his dear readers for help! He _egs them to _ring _ack the __!

Can you say it?

It's an experience in crowd sourcing, as all the readers together bring back the B, in Beck and Matt Stanton's missing B mystery, Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!: Did You Take the B from My _ook? (Little, Brown and Company). There's lots of intriguingly word fun as youngsters get to fill in the _lanks (er, blanks) of the letter of the day. Bravissimo! The Stantons together make the best of this bad business of the B-napped letter B. Youngsters learning their letters will realize that doing without even one of the 26 letters of the alphabet can _e a _it of a pro_lem! As Publishers Weekly puts it, "It’s a winning bit of interactive silliness that offers insight into the way small changes can have big results!"



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