Friday, October 13, 2017

Avast, Ye Scurvy Mates! Trick Arrr Treat by Leslie Kimmelman

A pirate chief's mom calls a meeting.

"Ready for some trick or treating?

Be home by dark and watch the sun.
When it goes down, this gang is done!"

The pressure is on. The young pirates are ready to romp and raid. Led by their tough captain, Charlotte Blue Tongue, powered by a blueberry lollipop, her gang of hearties--Peg-Leg Pete, Glass-Eyed Gabby, Dreadful Davey, Rude Ranjeet, and Toothless Tim--hit the street.

"Give us loot" says Charlotte Blue Tongue.
"Pieces of Eight!" says Rude Ranjeet.

"Treasure!" orders Dreadful Davey.
"We be pirates! TRICK ARRR TREAT!"

Charlotte's motley crew storms through the town, demanding tribute in the form of treats, and then they cast off, weighing anchor for a triumphant privateer's sail about the harbor before the sun sets. Just in the nick they return to their redoubt to party hearty, and count their loot and bootie, until Halloween is o'er for another year, in Leslie Kimmelman's new paperback edition of Trick ARRR Treat: A Pirate Halloween (Albert A. Whitman, 2017 (pb. ed.). Pirates arrr very popular on All Hallows' Eve, and this jolly crew take the town by storm as is their right on this spooky night. Kimmelman's punchy rhymes earn plenty of Yo-Ho-Hos, and artist Jorge Monlongo's illustrations are appropriately frightful, with blue-black nighttime tones and a diverse bunch of scowling mateys with license to run amok for a joyful hour or so; even his edgy cover title is all sharp angles and wild energy. "A first-choice purchase for a different spin in Halloween-themed storytimes," opines School Library Journal.

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