Monday, November 27, 2017

Snowbells Ring! Olaf's Frozen Adventure: A Holiday Surprise by Megan Roth

The courtyard was filled with townspeople, waiting for Anna Elsa, and Olaf to ring the Jule Bell. The people were celebrating their holiday traditions.

Everyone in Arendelle had traditions but Elsa and Anna.

And of course the goofy but goodhearted snowman Olaf has to do something to fix that situation. He sets out on a mission--

--to find the best tradition and bring it back to the castle!

Olaf knocks on cottage doors, and kindly people open up their homes and are happy to share their favorite holiday doings--taking saunas, giving away candy canes, and .... fruitcakes, of course--but as usual, Olaf's plan goes downhill--fast!

But meanwhile Anna and Elsa search their castle and finally find a little wooden box with just what they need, and Olaf is happy (although perhaps stuck with a few fruitcakes).

"It's you, Olaf!

You're our Christmas tradition!"

With Megan Roth's little snowflake-shaped toy and movable book, young fans of the Frozen princesses get to spend another holiday season together with their favorite frosty tradition--Olaf and the Frozen princesses, in Disney Olaf's Frozen Adventure: A Holiday Surprise (Disney Enterprises, 2017), with plenty of sparkly snow, silvery icicles, and a beautifully frosted castle window to look through with Anna and Elsa, provided by artist/designer Kara Kenna, in a jolly stocking stuffer book.

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