Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Take Me Wit'cha When You Go! Bruce's Big Move (Mother Bruce) by Ryan T. Higgins

Bruce was a bear who lived with four geese because he was their mother.

And three mice, because they would not leave.

It all started in two earlier books when Bruce, the curmudgeonly bachelor bear whose only hobby is as an epicure of fresh eggs, swipes four goose eggs from Mother Goose, all of which hatch as soon as he gets them home and imprint instantly on him. Impromptu Mother Goose Bruce grumpily attempts to be a good goose parent, even taking the goslings south for the winter. But when Mother Bruce and his brood return to his den, he finds it manned by way too many mice who have appropriated it as a popular backwoods inn which is literally a zoo!

Now Bruce has had it with his messy menage, littered with goose toys and assorted wildlife, and he concludes that the only way out is to lose the lot of them and move. Bruce mails his resident mice off to Tasmania, the Mojave Desert, and the Yukon, packs his confused goslings into the sidecar of his motorcycle, and roars off in search of suitable housing sans mice!

Bruce buys a roomy cabin in the deep woods, hoping for solitude and hopefully a bit of hibernation this year, only to discover he has a friendly neighbor, Miz Beaver, eager to offer her thirteen little sisters as perfect playmates for his little geese.

And if that isn't enough, when the mice drive up with all their worldly goods in a truck labeled MUSCULUS MOVERS, Bruce knows that his goose is cooked (and his sorely needed hibernation cancelled), in Ryan T. Higgins' third book in series, Bruce's Big Move (Mother Bruce) (Hyperion Books, 2017). Like it or not, Bruce Bear is stuck with being head of an unruly household, with a lawn party constantly in progress. Higgin's illustrations are hilarious, with the beetled-browed Mother Bruce steadfastly attempting to parent his clueless goslings while trying to rid himself of the manipulative mice he simply can't lose. Mother Goose Bruce is back and primary-graders will welcome the return of his merry menagerie.

Earlier books in this hit series are Mother Bruce, Hotel Bruce (Mother Bruce), and Higgins' companion backstory of the squatter mice, BE QUIET! (See reviews here).

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