Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Peter's Present: A Christmas Wish (A Peter Rabbit Tale) created by Beatrix Potter

It was Christmas Eve. Inside a cozy, warm burrow, four little bunnies were getting ready for Christmas Day.

Flopsy wishes for a toy; Mopsy wants a tea set. Cottontail hopes for a train. But Peter just murmurs that he wants the best thing in the world.
Mama Rabbit moves them along through their baths toward bedtime, with a quiet word to the wise.

"Santa Claus comes only when every bunny is fast asleep,"she tells her brood.

But Peter can't sleep. Every little sound seems to be Santa--until he realizes he's only hearing normal night noises. He frets that if Santa doesn't come, it will be his fault for being still awake.

But somehow Santa Claus always finds the right time to come, and the first thing Peter sees in the morning are the bunnies' presents waiting under the twinkling tree, in A Christmas Wish: A Peter Rabbit Tale (Frederick Warne, 2017).

All the tingly anticipation of Christmas Eve night is here in this small board book with pictures drawn from Beatrix Potter's original Tales of Peter Rabbit, with just a tiny glimpse of Santa's boots beside the tree for young readers to discover. Whether the child is one of those who wants to wait up to spy on Santa, or one who worries that being awake will make St. Nick will pass him by, this is a good read for real Christmas Eve awaiters.

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