Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Heart-y Countdown: The 12 Days of Valentine's by Jenna Lettice

On the first day of Valentine's, what sweet thing did I see?

What is this Valentine's Day thing?

Tots and preschoolers might well ask what all this pink and red fuss is about. As soon as the Christmas decorations go down in the stores, red and pink hearts, plushy animals, and special candies appear.

So what gives?

According to Jenna Lettice's The 12 Days of Valentine's (Pictureback(R)) (Random House, 2017), the first event of the pre-holiday period is when somebody gives someone a big fuzzy hug.

But that's not all. Along the way to the big day on February 14, there are decorations to be made--with two cups of sparkling glitter, three pink pens, four purple ribbons, and a reward of five of those candy hearts with sweet and saucy sayings.

And everyone works to make the days count, with six melty chocolates and seven lady seamstresses sewing fancy hearts. Kids write sweet or funny messages on the hearts, as moms and dads get together to plan games, hang pink-diapered cupids mobiles from the ceiling, bake cookies, and invite guests to the big party.

There is aplenty of party paraphernalia, party fare, carefully kid-printed professions of love and friendship, and--there are STICKERS, in Jenna Lettice's jolly run-up to the big day, illustrated by artist Coleen Madden with a plurality of charming preschoolers getting ready for their big party. All the fun of making decorations, creating special Valentines for special people, and of course, a few sweet treats along the way help the very young understand all the goings-on for this special day. This one joins Madden's and Lettice's other holiday parodies of the traditional Christmas ditty crafted for the preschool calendar, such as The 12 Days of Halloween (Pictureback(R)).

For more sing-along  Valentine's Day fun, partner this one with Lucille Colandro's classic folk song take-off, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose! (Read review here.)

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