Friday, February 02, 2018

Backstory! I Love Pete the Kitty by James Dean

Before he was Pete the Cat, before he ever went walking in his school shoes, he was little Pete the Kitty.

Pete is a very happy kitty.


Yes! Even when Pete was but a little slip of a kitty, he loved playing on the playground with his buddies. He loved his skateboard, and he already knew how to tune and strum his guitar.

He loved school even when he went in just his plain little paws, without his red shoes.

He loves funny books, bedtime books, and books about tomorrow.

Pete the Kitty loved art class and eating ice cream in the lunchroom. He loved playing in the sand at the beach. And of course he loved his mom, his dad, and Bob, his big brother ...

... Even when he tickled his tummy, in James Dean's newest story,Pete the Kitty: I Love Pete the Kitty (Pete the Cat) (Harper Festival, 2017)."It's All Good!" was Pete's mantra even way back then in his Pete the tot days, and very young readers will get a hoot out of sharing little kitty Pete's backstory and watching him grow, in what looks like a promising new series for author-illustrator James Dean.

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