Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cute Sweet! Hugs and Kisses by Judi Abbot

Everyone needs kisses and hugs sometime.

Pandas do it. Bunnies do it. Even snails with slimy tails do it!

Penguin moms love to give warming cuddles even on the ice. Giraffes have a lot of neck to hug, but also think kisses are nice. In fact, kisses are high on their lists!

And when baby bears are feeling mad,

There's nothing like playing and laughing with Dad.

Dinosaurs may seem grouchy, it's true. But a scaly embrace can make them feel less blue.

What does everybody want and when do they want it?

Cute and sweet! Tout suite!

Kisses and hugs! Hugs and kisses!
That's what everyone always misses.

From pandas to fishes, it's a good thing to know we are loved, says Judi Abbot's cute and sweet little board book, Hugs and Kisses (Little, Simon, 2017). Using soft colors and gently curved lines, Abbot's cute critters are stand-ins for affection between human parent and child, giving youngsters the reassuring message that love between mothers and dads and their little ones is the way it is done.

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