Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sure Coiffures! Princess Hair by Sharee Miller

All princesses wear crowns.

But...not all princesses have the same hair.

Hair care can be a can of worms for everyone, but some princesses have a trouble fitting their tiaras on top of their tresses.

Do princesses with dreadlocks rock? Do princesses with curls twirl in pearls?

Princesses with braids throw parades.

Princesses with buns love to run.

Is a Mohawk or a Frohawk suitable for a monarch?

Is the head that wears the crown well-coiffed?

Not all princesses have hair like Rapunzel, and Sheree Miller's Princess Hair (Little, Brown and Company, 2017) takes a lighthearted look at  hair care in her catalog of coiffures, all with the message that princess hair comes in all kinds, that all types of crowning glories can be worn with crowns in place. Her illustrations of would-be crowned heads run the gamut of hair glam, and her happy and nappy princesses are royally and properly coiffured for whatever tiara sits on top. As Kirkus Review says of Miller's illustrations, "Spread by double-page spread, the book highlights a multitude of diverse hairstyles while young girls play dress-up, all the while wearing their princess crowns.

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