Tuesday, March 27, 2018

(Virtual) Reality! Unplugged by Steve Anthony

BLIP liked being plugged into her computer.


BLIP learned new things, played fun games,
danced to music
and visited faraway places.

Blip is a cute little cyborg who is addicted to screens. She's plugged in--all the time.

But then one day there's a power failure. It's a...

BLACKOUT! Lights out!

Stumbling around in the dark, Blip trips on her own cord, and ...

She's suddenly unplugged!

She bumps into the door and finds herself...


Wow! There's bright light coming from the sky! There are all kinds of green things and strange beings out there! Who knew?

Blip learned many things, played fun games, and visited faraway places.

There's a whole big world out there, and it's way too big to fit on any screen, in Steve Anthony's newest, Unplugged (Scholastic Press, 2018), which encouraged preschoolers to get out and get under the sun and moon, leaving their devices behind for animals, trees, and the rest of the big world beyond. Steve Anthony is the noted author of Please, Mr. Panda (A Board Book), Thank You, Mr. Panda, and  I'll Wait, Mr. Panda,  (see reviews here) and forthcoming this summer, Good Night, Mr. Panda all editions in his delightful toddler etiquette series.

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