Thursday, April 19, 2018

Getting to Gnome Me...! Sherlock Gnomes: Gnome, Sweet Gnome by Tina Gallo

Hello. My name is Sherlock Gnomes.

But then, you probably knew that already, because I am the world's first consulting detective, and sworn protector of London's garden gnomes.

And Sherlock has his work cut out for him. There's a perplexing problem with Gnomeland Security: garden ornaments are being mysteriously pilfered. It's a gnome invasion!

With his trusty partner, Dr. Watson, Sherlock considers the potential suspects.

Gnomeo is obviously in love with Juliet. Although Gnomeo is not the brightest gnome in the garden, he and his pretty love interest, Juliet, seem sincerely interested in helping Sherlock solve the case. And then there are their friends, Benny and Nanette, who seem also to love the garden, and Lady Blackberry, Gnomeo's mother, and the crusty Lord Redbrick, who both hope to retire and let Gnomeo and Juliet take over the care of the garden.

But now there are eight garden gnomes who have disappeared from their proper places. Where are their friends? Are they now homeless gnomes?

But before the garden will again be secure, Sherlock and Watson have a couple of potential suspects to deal with--the crafty Irene Adler and archenemy Moriarity, with his scary sidekicks, the Gargoyles.

The game is afoot, in Tina Gallo's Gnome, Sweet Gnome (Sherlock Gnomes) (Simon Spotlight, 2018), as Sherlock matches wits with Moriarity once again. With Jenny Yoon's colorful illustrations, Gallo introduces youngsters to the archetype of the brainy detective Sherlock and the cast of supporting pun-enabled characters to the current movie, Gnome, Sweet, Gnome, a chance for young readers and viewers to sample some punny and funny detective work before their garden again becomes home, sweet gnome.

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