Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Gang's All Here: Llama, Llama and Friends created by Anna Dewdney

Llama's eyes pop open as the morning sun warms his face. He hops into his overalls and rushes downstairs.

Mama Llama needs his help!

Llama Llama has errands to do for Mama, and with his trusty Fuzzy Llama and Mama's list in the basket, he hops on his scooter and sets out.

And the gang's all there as he rolls along. He meets his woolly friend Euclid who helps him pick out some streamers.

Why does Mama Llama need them? he wonders.

It's off to Daddy Gnu's Bakery, where he stops to help little Nelly Gnu finish her mural and gets the cupcakes on his list. He passes Luna playing in the park and she helps pick the flowers on his list. He puffs up the hill, where he meets Gilroy Goat playing with his soccer ball, and while he stops to kick a few, his list blows away and he only catches up with it right at Gram and Grampa Llama's door, where they meet him with a stack of colored paper. It's quite a load, and Llama Llama wonders out loud what in the world Mama Llama is going to do with all the things on her list.

Youngsters will doubtless be in on the secret at this point, when Llama Llama arrives to find that he has the supplies for the big SURPRISE. Mama Llama and all his friends are there for the party, in Llama Llama and Friends (Penguin, 2017). Anna Dewdney's much-loved character Llama Llama has returned in this story illustrated by J. J. Harrison, to celebrate Little Llama's new video series by Netflix. Share this one with Cynthia Lord's Happy Birthday Hamster (Hot Rod Hamster) (see review here) and don't forget Llama Llama's companion book, Llama Llama and the Lucky Pajamas,

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