Saturday, April 07, 2018

Keep in Touch! Kittens and Friends (Touch and Feel) by Aimee Chapman, et al

What are kittens?

Bundles of fur...

Like to purr!

Before you get the kitten, get this book. Small kids who aren't used to pets need to learn the gentle touch for baby animals, and this little touch-and-feel board book is a good way to start.

Kitten and Friends Touch and Feel (Baby Touch and Feel) (Priddy Books/St. Martin'sPress, 2017) offers big color photos of real kittens, with a chance to learn a soft stroke with some touchable kitten fur and learn a little about what kittens do--explore--as they chase a rolling ball, pounce on toys, play in a basket, and push a yarn ball around. Not only is the kitty tangibly touchable--so are the rubber ball, the bumpy-woven basket, and the fuzzy ball of yarn--to point out a few of the tactile experiences or the very young. With a snugly kitten curling up on a soft rug, this one is even a fine bedtime book!

Pair this one with Dorling Kindersley's Baby Touch and Feel: Fluffy Animals (Baby Touch & Feel) for a bunch of adorable furry babies.

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