Thursday, March 29, 2018

Revenge of the Underdog! Pig the STAR by Aaron Blabey


Trevor and Pig
Had a big photo shoot.
They wore little costumes.
They really looked cute.

Pig the pugnacious pug and his timid housemate, Trevor the dachshund, are back! Pig the Pug is just as obnoxious as ever as he pencils himself for all the sittings on the photographer's call sheet. But even the timorous Trevor gets into the spirit of the glamour shots as he giggles at himself dressed as Elvis Prestley.

But Pig the Pug pushes Trevor aside and mounts the pedestal as the King of Rock 'n' Roll. He hogs all the costumes, posing as the Mona Lisa in Renaissance gown, Tarzan in a leopard skin loincloth, Madonna in her metallic bustier, and in burly rapper gear, and insults little Trevor, calling him sausage, salami, and frankfurter!

Yes, Pig ruled the photos.
He hogged every shot.
He whispered to Trevor,
I'm IN, and you're NOT!"

But playing to his strength, Trevor turns the tables and dons a hot dog costume.

Then something happened
That changed the whole shoot.
The man with the camera said,
That dog is CUTE!"

As always, author-illustrator Aaron Blabey celebrates the triumph of the underdog, in his latest, Pig the Star (Pig the Pug) (Scholastic Press, 2018). Trevor has his moment in the limelight, and Pig the would-be star falls from fame, in another delightful revenge of the nerd doggy tale by Aussie author Blabey. In this just-published sequel in his doggy series, Blabey's rhyming quatrains tickle young readers' funnybones, and his over-the-top illustrations of the predictable bug-eyed bully Pig the Pug do not disappoint!

Other books in this series include Pig the PugPig the Elf (Pig the Pug) and Pig the Elf (Pig the Pug). (read reviews here)

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