Sunday, April 29, 2018

Logophiliac at Large! The Word Collector by Peter Hamilton Reynolds

Some people collect stamps... coins... rocks... art.

And Jerome? Jerome collected words

He liked to know the names for lovely things he saw....


Some words just hopped off the page and into his head-- words that sounded like their meaning, like glimmer, and words that tickled his tongue like kaleidoscope, and words that bounced around in his brain, like guacamole'!

Soon he got the urge to make things with his words. Jerome began stringing them together, side by side.

He used words to write poems and songs.

Jerome discovers that some strings of words have power with people.

Thank you!

He learned that knowing the right words make it easier to think clearly about things. And he learned that words have power!

And in Peter H. Reynolds' newest, The Word Collector (Orchard Books, 2018), Jerome also learned that words can't be kept in a box or a book. They have to be shared to be truly real.

All of us are word collectors, children especially. Communication is what we humans do best. and the ability to acquire and curate words, lots of them, is what makes us unique creatures. And who knows that better than an author like noted writer, Peter Reynolds, whose little books are each a sort of modern parable, illustrated in his signature style. In this latest book, Reynolds points out the joy of knowing words and that sharing words brings.

Jerome had no words to describe how happy that made him.

Other popular books by Reynolds are The Dot, Ish (Creatrilogy)., and Rose's Garden (read my review and see Peter Reynolds' personal comment about writing this book about the Rose Kennedy Garden in Boston.)

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