Saturday, April 21, 2018

Chow Down! Yum, Yum Baby! First Words for Little Foodies by Rosalee Wren

Yellow~ Peel~ Sweet~Soft~ Banana!

Bread~ Warm~ Wheat~ Butter~ Toast!

Yum, Yum, Breakfast!

Eating is important, and it has its own words, and for those first learning the vocabulary of foods, there is Rosalee Wren's little board book, Yum Yum Baby: First Words for Little Foodies (Padded Picture Book) (Cottage Door Press, 2018). Wren divides her books into words for meals and words about what we eat. Lunch comes with with a sandwich cut in little triangles and an apple, crisp and crunchy, tart and sweet.

Outdoors there is a garden with tasty words for the fruits and veggies found there--green, leafy broccoli to be cut, red, ripe, and sweet strawberries to be picked and orange and crunchy carrots to be pulled.

And when dinner is done, there's even something frozen and creamy that's fun to lick--ice cream!

Artist Kat Uno personifies each food to go along with author Wren's glossary of goodies, giving young foodies a way to use their words about foods, with the purpose of developing good eating habits, and vocabulary to go with them.

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