Wednesday, May 02, 2018

WHO? Daddies Do! by Lezlie Evans

Who tangles and wrangles
and wrestles for fun,
then cries "I surrender!"
You're tougher! You won!"?

Daddies do it well, and in their own special way. When they go out for fun, they don't worry about their kids' hairdos and outfits. When their youngsters aren't quite up to a tough job, daddies give them credit for having the courage to give it their best try.

Daddies are great for big bear hugs and bubbly bathtub scrubs. Daddies brag on little buddies when they grow a bit more tall, and at parades daddies' shoulders help them to see it all. Whose forts are the tops? Who cheers first belly flops? Who knows how to get little ones to try something new? Who does all that? You know who!

Who reads the best stories
and snuggles with you,
then drifts off to sleep
before he is through?

Daddies Do (Sterling Books, 2018), in Lezlie Evans' newly published salute to the many good deeds of daddies, just right for those upcoming Fathers' Day doings in June. Author Lezlie Evans' comic and cozy quatrains focus on what fathers bring to the parenting mix, climbing trees and soothing the sick, clapping for plays and untangling fishing lines, and artist Elisa Ferro's fanciful animal fathers, grounded in predominantly green scenes, are charming and comforting figures for the youngest readers in this new Dad's Day story, a reassuring and sweet look at what daddies do.



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