Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hangin' with Grumpy! Pete the Kitty and the Groovy Playdate by Kimberly and James Dean

Pete the Kitty jumps out of bed.

"I can't wait!

Grumpy Toad and I have a groovy playdate!

Ever the optimist, Pete the Kitty imagines playing with Grumpy's new blue truck. It's so COOL! But when Pete arrives and starts to push the truck around, Grumpy whines--


Grumpy Toad's idea of a playdate is letting Pete watch him pushing his new blue truck around his room.

Pete is not pleased. But he politely turns to building roads for the truck with Grumpy Toad's blocks. But Grumpy claims the blocks are his and only his, too. Pete tries to be flexible, but Toad grabs every toy that Pete touches and sits sulkily in the corner guarding his stuff. This is not Pete's idea of a groovy playdate.

Pete is sad. Pete is blue.

But Pete thinks he knows what to do. He has to persuade Grumpy Toad that one alone is not the way but two together can share to play, with Kimberly and James Dean's hints at how to save the play date in Pete the Kitty and the Groovy Playdate (Pete the Cat) (Harper, 2018), and soon the Caped Critters--Wonder Toad and Super Kitty--soar together to save the day. James Dean's cute kitty is always upbeat as he shows his friend how they can share the toys and have twice the fun.

It's hard for young preschoolers to let go and let their friends have a chance to play with their toys, and Kimberly Dean's story shows how the visiting friend feels when he's told he can't touch his friend's toys and how working out ways so that both can play makes for a very groovy playdate.

Definitely share this one with Anna Dewdney's delightful and insightful Llama Llama Time to Share.

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