Saturday, July 07, 2018

Lost in the Cretaceous! Pop-Up Peekaboo! Baby Dinosaur by Clare Lloyd

Baby Dinosaur is not lost. He knows right where he is.

It's Mommy Tyrannosaurus Rex who is missing!

This is serious.


She's pretty big! Maybe Baby T. Rex can find her hiding behind that big rock!

But no! Who's that?

It's Baby Alamosaurus! He's clearly cuddly and friendly, but he's not Baby T.'s Mommy!

Baby T. Rex scuttles on, getting a little worried. What's that he sees? A nest of dinosaur eggs? And who's hiding there? Baby Acheroraptor?

"You are not MY mother!"

It might be fun to stay and play, but Baby T. Rex is getting hungry, so he moves on. He leaves no stone unturned but finds only Baby Triceratops! Now he's hungry and frustrated. But what's that he hears? Is it a munch and a crunch? But behind that big log is Baby Ankylosaurus, who's already found his lunch!

And then... Is that a familiar ROAR? Quick! Look inside that cave!

Mommy T. Rex is definitely hiding among the Hadrosaurids, in Clare Lloyd's delightful little lift-the-flap book, Pop-up Peekaboo! Baby Dinosaur (Dorling Kindersley, 2018). Taking a page from the plot of P.D. Eastman's ever-popular Are You My Mother? (Bright & Early Board Books(TM)), Lloyd introduces curious toddlers to popular dinosaurs as Baby T. Rex seeks his mother through her brand-new toy-and-movable board book in which each double-page spread features a surprise with another baby dino behind every flap. Illustrator Peter Minister's baby cretaceous critters are as cute as can be while still easily recognizable as what they are, portrayed with characteristic humps and bumps and spikes and even the colored feathers of their species. This board-book is a must-read for little dino lovers, a fun way to learn some prehistory along the way to some jolly surprises. Quips Kirkus Reviews, "Nature, plush in tooth and claw."

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