Friday, July 13, 2018

Rebel Without a Cause! Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten by Deborah Underwood

Kindergarten was starting in two days.

"No kindergarten in the universe can hold me," said Arnold.

"I am

Arnold doesn't want to let his twin sister Emily know he's anxious about starting Kindergarten, so he assumes his superhero identity and makes preparations for the big day. He packs his snorkel, a jar of peanut butter, and his homemade boat.

Arnold climbs into their sedan, which transforms instantly into a submarine, with Mom and Dad in the front seat, driving their prisoner relentlessly onward to the sinister towers of Dino Tykes Elementary, which Arnold envisages as the lair of the evil Mr. Zorgo. Along the way he dons his Super Saurus Scuba Suit, and makes a brief escape before Dad blocks his path.

"Time for Plan B," said Super Saurus.

Super Saurus whips out his jar of peanut butter and converts his sneakers to Sticky Shoes.

"They'll never find me... on top of this skyscraper,"

The skyscraper looks a lot like the twisty slide, and Arnold is again snagged by Dad and brought to the very door of the evil Zorgo's lair.

"The teacher is Mr. Zachary," says Emily, trying to explain.

The seemingly mild-mannered Mr. Z. invites Arnold inside, where the other kids are sitting on the floor.

But Arnold is having nothing to do with sitting on that rug. It's a popular trap, but one that Super Saurus has planned for. He pulls out his escape vehicle and prepares to blast off into outer space.

But then he heard howling.

One of his peers seems to be having a first-day meltdown. A true Super Saurus would not abandon helpless preschoolers to the clutches of the evil Zorgo, would he?

Duty calls, and Arnold returns to protect the weak. He shields his fellow students from the Vacuum Viper and defends them against the terrible KROK, (a.k.a., the class pet lizard.) At art time he creates a colorful poster advertising the services of Super Saurus. Super Arnold saves the day!

"I'm glad you were here today, Super Saurus." said Mr. Z.

Deborah Underwood's Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten (Hyperion, 2017) offers a super look at the first-day-fears of a very imaginative kid, ably assisted by artist Ned Young, who portrays the riotously inventive Arnold's ingenious scenarios in bright acrylic illustrations. For kids worried about being able to boldly go when they've never gone before, share this one with Planet Kindergarten (see review here.)

"Imagination as a coping mechanism equals lots of superpowered fun," says Kirkus Reviews.

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