Saturday, September 01, 2018

Learning the Letters: S Is For School: A Classroom Alphabet by Greg Paprocki

B is for BACKPACK.

Thrilled or not, it's time for youngsters to grab those new backpacks, sharpen their PENCILS, count their CRAYONS, look inside their LUNCHBOXES for JUICE BOXES, and perhaps don their UNIFORMS. It's time for SCHOOL to start.

Kids will have to listen to LESSONS, and there will be ZEROS and perhaps some Xs in their MATH HOMEWORK, for sure.

But, on the bright side, there will be FRIENDS to find and GAMES to play at KINDERGARTEN and new experiences all through the SCHOOL.

Author-illustrator Greg Paprocki hits some of the high points in the alphabet in his new S Is for School: A Classroom Alphabet (BabyLit) (Gibbs-Smith, 2018). Paprocki, whose credits include illustrations for Curious George books, does this one up in charming and trendy retro 1950s-cartoon art style, with jolly moppets in mid-century-type buildings and kitschy classrooms reminiscent of Little Golden Book illustrations, and this alphabet book is a cozy and comforting choice for new scholars.

Paprocki is also the author-illustrator of a wide variety of alphabet books such as B Is for Boo: A Halloween Alphabet (BabyLit) and C Is for Castle: A Medieval Alphabet and S Is for Sabertooth: A Stone Age Alphabet.

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