Thursday, October 11, 2018

Counting Down to Party Time! Five Little Ninjalinos: A Halloween Story by Tina Galto

Five little ninjalinos strolled under the full moon.

They were hoping that their leader would be arriving soon.

Where can Night Ninja be? He was last seen trying to find a cool Halloween costume. What's with that?

One little ninjalino sees Gekko. One spots Owlette soaring through the air. Should they follow them? The third little ninjalino moans....

"Oh, That's just too far!"

Another little ninjalino tries to buck up his crew. There's no sign of Catboy! What's the matter with you?

Oh, No! There he is! The Five Little Ninjalinos go into defensive formation. It's fight or flight!

But no, it's neither one. There's just some decorating to be done!


There's a Halloween party about to get underway, and the PJ Masks want the ninjalinos to stay.

It's time to bury the nunchuks and celebrate Halloween together, with Tina Galto's ninja-themed version of the familiar holiday song in Five Little Ninjalinos: A Halloween Story (PJ Masks) (Simon Spotlight, 2018).  With the characters from the preschool program, PJMasks, it's time to count down with their sometime foes and party down just in time to share the celebration. Everyone is already wearing a mask, so let the fun begin. Holiday fun for PJMasks' many fans!

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