Saturday, October 27, 2018

Doin' the Sleepytime Shuffle! Sean Awesome: A Mission at Night by Ms. Yellow and Mr. Wide

Mommy has laid down the law to Sean Awesome.

"You are a big boy now. You have to start sleeping in your own bed!

Mom and Dad Awesome have been patient with having a little visitor in their beds for quite a while. But now it's time to end the game of musical beds every night.

But Sean Awesome is having none of the new policy. The truth is that, although he is an awesome boy, he's afraid of being alone in his bed. So he comes up with a clever ploy.

Sean Awesome--Master of Disguise!

He covers himself with a black tablecloth which renders him invisible in the dark. The problem is, he can't see where he's going and bangs right into Mom and Dad's bedroom door. His mission is aborted abruptly.


But Sean Awesome is not dissuaded. He tries disguising himself in his Halloween snake costume, which has one inconvenience--snakes have no arms and therefore no hands to turn a doorknob. He wakes up Mommy, who repatriates him back to his own bed posthaste.  But Sean is not deterred.  He dons a black hat and shades and colors in a sinister mustache. His secret agent disguise can't fail! For a moment he thinks he's found success. Mom's spot in the bed is empty, but before he can slip in, she shows up and deports him back to his room. His caped crusader costume also fails, and Mom flies him back to his bed with breathtaking speed--with what is beginning to be her mantra.

"NO, SEAN!  YOU ... etc., etc., etc....!

It seems Sean's missions are becoming Mission Impossible. Will the Awesome family play revolving beds forever, or will Sean reconfigure his mission to include heroic solo sleeping?

Suffice it to say our hero finally goes where no Sean Awesome has gone before--to sleep in his own bed--in the pseudonymic Ms. Yellow and Mr. Wide's Sean Awesome: A Mission at Night (Simply Read Books, 2018), as the family's midnight rambler outgrows his nighttime bed switches. In this humorous look at a common bedtime bugaboo, little Sean Awesome puts on his astronaut suit and finds that he does indeed have the right stuff for this mission after all. The cut-paper, one-dimensional characters give this story a unique look, and youngsters will giggle at Sean's clever costume switching and perhaps be convinced that staying put at bedtime is A-OK.

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