Sunday, November 25, 2018

Dino Dynamo! How to Be a T. Rex by Ryan North

"Hi! My name is Sal.

One day my teacher said, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"


Dream big, they say, and for Sal it's T. Rex all the way.

Her brother points out that nobody has ever grown up to be a T. Rex. Sal is not deterred.

"I'm gonna be the first!" she says.

Sal checks out her potential. Her teeth are definitely lacking in the sharp and pointy department. Her body is possibly too puny to keep up with T. Rex's reputation.

Sal tries roaring in the library. Not a great idea!

Maybe this plan needs more thought. After all T. Rexes have to live around humans. And they do have their limitations.

It's hard to express nice feelings when all you can say is ROAR!

Dinosaurs don't wear shoes. I have some RAD sneakers I kinda miss.

THINK BIG, they say. But who knew that being a dinosaur would have some serious downsides!

Sal settles for being a part-time T. Rex in Ryan North's latest, How to be a T. Rex (Dial Books, 2018). Noted artist Mike Lowery creates some humorous sight-gag illustrations of Sal's experiments as hybrid Dino/human in this quirky look at aspiring T. Rex-hood. Says Kirkus in their starred review, "Hilarious fun, emotionally poignant, and just a little bit sassy."

For more fun with the difficulties of being a dinosaur, share this one with Ryan T. Higgins' latest hit about the difficulties of T. Rex-hood, We Don't Eat Our Classmates



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