Monday, November 12, 2018

Don't Call Me Snaggletooth! I Lost My Tooth! (Unlimited Squirrels) by Mo Willems

"Th Th Th!"

"What did you say, Zoom Squirrel?"

"I lost my tooth, Th-ip Thquirrel!"

"Did you say you lost your tooth?

"Oh, YETH!"

Being a snaggletoothed squirrel is therious buthineth, I mean, serious business, for a squirrel. Zoom Squirrel's friend Zip goes into high speed thearch, I mean, search, mode. He asks Zoom to describe the missing tooth.

"Um, it wath a baby tooth!"

"OH, NO! Poor baby! All alone!""

The assorted squirrels are mobilized for the great search-and-rescue molar mission, scouring the forest floor and leafy branches, and looking under assorted pillows--just in case some sneaky squirrel might have decided to capitalize on an ill-gotten incisor--until Zip Squirrel returns to announce he's found his own tooth!

Zoom Squirrel and friends take over. They pop the tooth into a baby buggy and shush all the squirrels so that the baby tooth can take a nap. Zip Squirrel cannot believe his silly friends.

"I learned something today.

Squirrels do not know much about teeth!"

In a nutty squirrel story, the Caldecott-winning Mo Willems is back with Book I of his new beginner reader series, I Lost My Tooth! (Unlimited Squirrels) (Hyperion Books, 2018). There are a host of nutsy rodentia in the cast of characters, including even Research Squirrel, who fact-checks the story and tells young readers more than they may want to know about the anatomy of the tooth, plus some nutty riddles* and a Squirrel Quiz for youngsters to check their store of knowledge. There are even emoti-acorns to help youngsters recognize the assorted emotions among the characters. More from Mo is good!

*What do you call a bear who doesn't brush his teeth? A GUMMY BEAR!

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