Friday, December 28, 2018

Cool On Ice? Fancy Nancy: Ice Skater Extraordinaire by Krista Tucker

I am practically an expert at skating in my living room. So I thought I would be even better on ice.

Nancy Clancy displays her well-practiced ballet spins and leaps and twirls for little sister JoJo as she gets ready for her first try at ice skating with her best friend Bree, already an experienced skater.

But like almost everyone, Nancy's first step onto the ice in her rented skates is a downer!

I keep falling down!

Nancy's self-image of herself as skater extraordinaire is shattered. Bree tries to be a good friend, encouraging her and predicting that she'll be fine after some practice, but Nancy is dispirited. She wishes she'd never put on those skates!

Mom suggests that she try one of the walkers for beginning skaters until she gets the hang of balancing.


Nancy is discouraged.

I told Bree that if I couldn't be an extraordinary skater I just wouldn't be one at all!

Nancy plops down on a bench to sulk and sit this one out, and Bree takes her at her word and heads off to have fun skating on her own.

WAIT! Nancy realizes that she's missing the fun of being with her best friend and decides to give the ice another try, and sure enough, practice makes, if not perfect, at least less painful,) in Krista Tucker's Disney Junior Fancy Nancy: Ice Skater Extraordinaire (HarperFest, 2018). Not created by the original author and illustrator, Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, this Disney Artist spinoff of the Fancy Nancy franchise lacks some of the visual sparkle and unique charm of the original picture books, but reproduces the style and pluck of the heroine of the popular video series. First-time skaters will find Fancy Nancy's first skating lesson funny and informative.

This new one adds extra COOL to this ice show with a fold-out poster, 75 stickers, and a set of Nancy cards.

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