Wednesday, December 19, 2018

They GO in the Snow! Small Walt and Mo the Tow by Elizabeth Verdick

A bitter blizzard,

A snowbound town!

Get ready, plows!

The lazy, hazy days of summer are gone; the snow is flying, and it's time for Small Walt the little snowplow and Big Gus, his crusty, trusty driver, to bestir themselves and hit the roads, which are now filling up with snow and freezing into ice--fast!

We're Gus and Walt.

We plow and salt.

We clear the snow

So cars can go.

Small Walt is a veteran now, with one big snow already under his fanbelt, and Gus has many a snowy season to boast of, so they proudly push the drifts aside and spread salt to melt the ice as they as they make their way about the town, cheerfully smooshing the slush.

But just ahead they helplessly watch a car swerving on an uncleared road and then...


The car lurches off the road and down into the snowy woods.

Little Walt realizes that his snow scoop is not up to the job. It's not tough enough to get that car back on the road.

Who you gonna call?


With a humma brumma hum, Mo arrives to scope out the situation.

But Sue, Mo's driver, sees that the ice is too slick. Mo's big tires can't get a grip! Even Mo can't go in icy snow!

What do they need? TEAM WORK!

Gus steers Walt carefully so that he can scoop the snow away and salt the area. And soon the way is open for Sue and Mo the Tow to do their job and get that car back on track!

It's Gus and Walt and Mo and Sue, the winning crew, in Elizabeth Verdick's second book in her series, Small Walt and Mo the Tow (Simon and Schuster, 2018). Ace artist Mark Rosenthall offers up jolly retro anthropomorphic illustrations of the doughty little snowplow who could, even if he sometimes gets by with a little help from his friends. He's a plow and salter who never falters, in a delightful new snow tale of working together. Mo and Walt and Gus and Sue are a trusty team of two vehicles who keep on truckin'. Share this one with Verdick's first Walt story, Small Walt, (read review here) for a pair of snowy day winter winners.

"Three dynamic duos: Gus and Walt; Sue and Mo; Verdick and Rosenthal,” says Kirkus in their starred review.

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