Monday, December 10, 2018

Santa's Snack! Cookiesaurus Christmas by Amy Fellner Dominy

Santa will be here soon.

Look! The cookie plate is empty!

The big guy should have the best cookie to get him home to the North Pole, and that means me, Cookiesaurus Rex!

Tyrannosaurus Rex is accustomed to being at the top of the food chain, and he believes he and only he should be served up for Santa on his Christmas Eve circuit of deliveries. But when Cookiesaurus plants himself in Santa's plate, he's summarily removed!

It's not fair! Dinosaurs have Christmas spirit, too!

But Cookiesaurus can't seem to convince everyone that there's a place for dinos as Santa's snack. The Baker certainly doesn't seem to think so! He scoops up Star Cookie and plops him onto the plate in place of Cookiesaurus, but Cookie slyly removes him. When Baker gives Bell the spot of honor, Cookiesaurus accidentally on purpose knocks over Santa's glass of milk all over Bell. Sorry, Soggy, old chap!

But Baker has other alternatives more appropriate for Santa's snack. Baker cleans up the mess and this timed his spatula scoops up jolly Gingerbread Boy and drops him on Santa's plate.

Cookiesaurus sulks.


But there is a higher calling in store for this apex raptor cookie on the tree, in Amy Fellner Dominy's and Nate Evans' tempting new holiday tale, Cookiesaurus Christmas (Cookiesaurus Rex) (Disney Hyperion, 2018). Who knew that cookies were rivals for a place on Santa's plate? Authors Dominy and Evans have stirred up a tempting Christmas tale with a happy ending and all the toppings that will likely prompt a bit of  cut-out cookie baking for the family tree. Artist AG Ford follows through with detailed tasty illustrations that add to the fun of the festive season. As Kirkus says, "[this] cheeky dino is full of personality and spunk, and his facial expressions are priceless."

For another funny tale of rivalry between Santa's helpers, share this one with Aaron Blabey's popular, Pig the Elf (Pig the Pug).

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