Wednesday, January 02, 2019

It Takes All Kinds! Dogs and Their People by Anne Lambelet

One beautiful days, I like to take the long way home from school.

And my favorite thing to do is look at all the dogs and their people.

People-watching has always been popular, but this young girl puts her own spin on it--observing pairs of people and their canine pets.

Some people share an uncanny likeness with their canine companions. There is a secret smile on our girl's face as she spots a chesty dandy sporting a double-breasted jacket, walking his equally deep-chested bulldog. A prim lady perches on a park bench perusing her book, while her svelt pinscher studies the newspaper, and Lord Banberry and his schnauzer O'Grady share magnificent mustachios!

Others could not be more different.

She spots a top-heavy dowager with a spindly toy poodle tripping daintily along on her leash.

And when our observant girl finally arrives home, what kind of canine companion awaits to greets her...?

There's a surprise for young readers on Anne Lambelet's last page of her forthcoming Dogs and Their People (Page Street Kids, 2019), along with charming vintage 1920s illustrations of people, pets, and the retro cityscape through which they move. Youngsters will appreciate the comic and restrained text and piquant artwork filled with amusing details of people being people and dogs being dogs, even a corgi who steals a lick of little Alexander Pemberton's ice cream cone. A unique dog story with artwork that begs to be studied, page by page.



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