Sunday, January 13, 2019

Up to Ten and Down Again! One Snowy Day by Diane Murray and Diana Toledano

Spinning and twirling,
They float to the ground.
Millions of snowflakes
Not making a sound.

The house is still sleeping, but the soundless flakes do not go undiscovered. ONE puppy is up, peers outside, and wakes the children with a sharp bark.

TWO sleepy children see the snow covering their trees, and THREE happy faces can be seen in the window.

The kids soon shuck off their pajamas and suit up for  play in the snow, finding their FOUR snow boots by the door.

FIVE pine trees' branches sweep low, and the children spot SIX friends already on the hill, and soon SEVEN sleds are sliding down, leaving EIGHT tracks behind them, and then...

In a snow bank billow,
Carving NINE snow angels
Swishing in snow.

The kids even let their puppy get into the fun, tossing TEN snowballs for the pup to try to catch.

By this time the youngsters are ready to turn toward home, and it's time to reverse the count, right down to the TWO cups of hot cocoa and ONE perfect snowman, standing tall in the twilight as the soft flakes continue to fall, in One Snowy Day (Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky, 2018) by Diane Murray and Diana Toledano. It's a perfect snowy day and a chance to practice counting up and down, along with some delightfully rhyming text and cheery illustrations. With a tip of the hat to Ezra Jack Keats classic story, The Snowy Day, Kirkus Reviews says, "The delights of snow-day snow-play in a small town are enumerated in this early concept book for tots."

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