Friday, January 04, 2019

Gen G for Groovy! We Are the Groovicorns by Rosie Greening

Everyone LOVES unicorns!

But you know who should be famous?

GROOVICORNS! "That's us!"

Sure, unicorns are cool, with those crazy horns and their rainbows which curve all the way across the sky.

But Groovicorns? Their rainbows aren't perfect arches. In fact, they're kind of quirky, but they make great twisty slides!

Unicorns grant wishes, wear Eau de Cotton Candy, and hang out in castles made of marshmallows, but Groovicorns set up fancy tents for disco nights.

Unicorns create sunny days.


Groovicorns prefer SNOW!

Unicorns work too hard. Groovicorns like to PLAY.

With their rainbow-striped horns and reversible sequins, these Groovicorns are what's up these days, in Rosie Greening's Story Book We are the Groovicorns! (Make Believe Ideas, 2018). It's a case of Vive la Difference, as the unicorns make a case for a more carefree kind of being, with illustrations of that lifestyle provides with plenty of stars, confetti, and some choice sight gags (Unicorns hang out in Buckinghorn Palace), and the book design provides those mega-popular two-way sequins so groovicorns can change their stripes at will.. Share this one with Greening's Do You Believe in Groovicorns? and Story Book We are the Groovicorns!

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