Sunday, March 24, 2019

Invasion! Bad Kitty Kitten Trouble by Nick Bruel


Kitty doesn't like that kid who delivers the newspapers.

Every day, the same thing--he interrupts her nap on the porch, bonking her on the head with the newspaper, and then he rides off on his bike saying, "SORRY, CAT!"

But the newsboy is soon to be the least of Bad Kitty's problems. What's in the news is bad news--CONFLICT GROWING!

Her kindly owner explains.

"The fighting has gotten so bad in that neighborhood--even the cat shelters have been destroyed! The kittens are all scared. They're hungry and have no place to go.

There are oodles of KITTENS who have lost their homes. We should bring some of them HERE."

This is not good news for Bad Kitty. She is not pleased with the humanitarian effort. The refugee kittens play with her toys. They nap in her bed. They eat her cat chow. They even use her litter box!

Kitty pitches a cat fit. One of them doesn't even speak English!

"Sacre bleu! Le Monstre!"

Sent to stay with Uncle Murray, Kitty takes to her bed, where she is beset by a very bad dream, one is which legions of Uncle Murrays battle with each other and destroy her happy home and her peaceful neighborhood. Suddenly, she feels some compassion for the homeless kittens,

All's well that ends well, with an end to the hostilities, in which the displaced kittens have a safe return to their home neighborhood. One even expresses her gratitude to Bad Kitty.

Au revoir, cher Kitty. Merci, merci, merci."

In Nick Bruel's latest in his popular series, Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble (Roaring Brook, 2018), even Bad Kitty and the newspaper kid discover the roots of their old feud and decide to give peace a chance. As always, Bruel's cartoon graphics are filled with hilarious sight gags that will keep beginning chapter book readers giggling and turning the pages in the latest in his perennially best-selling series that even grownups love. (See more here.)

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