Saturday, March 30, 2019

STYLIN'! Dress Like A Girl by Patricia Toht

What to wear?

Should you care? Some say so.

There are strict rules that must be addressed,
Rules you will need when looking your best.

But there are choices. White is right for cool summer frocks, a lacy wedding gown, a doctor's crisp lab coat, or an astronaut's pressure suit.

Black is best for formal occasions, but knit caps and furs are for snowy seasons.

Game day calls for school colors for sure, but sleek swimwear is best when you dive the seafloor.

Express your true self, for there's only one you.
Can't find what you like? Then design something new.

Clothes make the woman, and there're plenty of ways to Dress Like a Girl (Harper, 2019), according to Patricia Toht in her new fun fashion guide for girls. Using a girl's sleepover as her scene, artist Lorian Tu-Dean has her little fashionistas try out out all sorts of uniforms, costumes, and self-designed stylings, in this jolly commentary on femme fashion in the twenty-first century. Author Toht's rhyming guidebook gives a nod to the rules, while counseling girls that the secret is "doing it your own way." Says Publishers Weekly, "Tu-Dean captures the joy of dressing up, friendship, and discovery in her mixed-media art."

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