Saturday, June 29, 2019

Fresh Start: Fresh Princess by Denene Miller

Destiny likes lots of things that princesses like.

Puffy and sparkly shoes. Shiny crowns.

Her princess throne.

But will Destiny still be a princess in her new kingdom, er, neighborhood?

In her old neighborhood, she has lots of friends who love to be pretend princesses. They all like to do the same things together.

But will Destiny find a kingdom in their new home?

Dad tries to help. He shows her the subway, her own royal carriage that whisks her all over their kingdom. The buildings are like tall monuments to climb and watch their subjects below.
Destiny waves and blows kisses.

But still she aches for home.

Then she spots a kids playing double-Dutch jump rope and they invite her to hop right in. At first Destiny is shy, but her brother reminds her that she's a Princess, and she joins the game, in Denene Miller's new Fresh Princess (Harper, 2019).  Moving to a new place is always hard to do, but author Miller softens the experience with a tour of her character's new kingdom, brightened by Gladys Jose's jolly illustrations of an appealing city neighborhood.



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