Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Getting in the Swim! Nugget and Fang Go to School by Tammi Sauer

Whenever the other fish in the sea saw Fang, they'd panic.

"Don't worry, guys!" called Nugget. "Fang's a vegetarian."

Most fish never stuck around long enough to find out for sure.

First days are hard. Everyone feels like a fish out of water on the first day of school, and for a big, toothy shark, it's certainly a different kettle of fish!

Still, little Nugget and his friends the Mini-Minnows are eager for Fang to matriculate with them at Mini-Minnows Elementary.

But this kind of school is new to Fang. His teeth are chattering.
"I think I'm seasick!"

But his buddy Nugget grabs him by a fin and pulls him inside to introduce him to their teacher, Mrs. Crab.
"She looks crabby!" whispers Fang.

And Fang's first day-jitters are not helped when he feels like a shipwreck at reading. He's a bottom feeder at math, he sinks at science, he's not smart at art, he flounders in music, and then it's time for show-and-tell! Fang feels like a failure with nothing to show off, until he looks at Nugget's big smile.

Then Fang finds he has one thing to brag about--

From preschool to post-grad, first days mean learning to swim with a new school, and Tammi Sauer's funny, finny undersea story of first-day jitters, Nugget and Fang Go to School (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Clarion, 2019), will help young readers take the bait, so to speak, as they prepare to put a toe into new waters. Artist Michael Slack is back to provide the cool undersea illustrations for this latest Nugget and Fang story to help young readers prepare to take the plunge into elementary education.

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